There is a new website and podcast coming out today.


The Digital Photo Experience is a new endeavor brought to you by Rick Sammon and Juan Pons. Rick and Juan have put together a great group of photographers and contributors for the website that will be covering all aspects of the photography world.

Rick Sammon is a  Canon Explorer of Light and has published 36 books, including Exploring the Light and Digital Photography Secrets. Rick, who has photographed in almost 100 countries around the world, gives more than two-dozen photography workshops (including private workshops) and presentations around the world each year. When asked about his photo specialty, Rick says, “My specialty is not specializing.”

Juan Pons is nature and wildlife photographer and a strong supporter of wildlife and natural habitat conservation. Juan, his wife Abby, and their son Nathaniel live in North Carolina and much of his photography is focused on native wildlife in North Carolina. Juan’s work has been featured on numerous publications, including: Sierra Magazine, Nature Conservancy, Audubon Magazine, Audubon North Carolina, Wildlife in North Carolina, The Independent, and others.

The website goes live December 1st, 2009 HERE

The podcast is already on iTunes HERE

I am also happy to say that I am going to be a part of the Digital Photo Experience team. This is gonna rock !!