Less than a week into 2016 and already there are some great new technology announcements. Nikon announced their new flagship camera the D5 along with a new high-end DX camera, a new Speedlight and the new action cam. More on each of these a little later.


I want to start off by talking about a camera technology that was announced last year, Light’s new small camera (The Light L16) which has 16 different individual lenses. this camera uses 10 of these lenses for each shot allowing the capture of the subject at multiple focal lengths. The camera¬†looks really interesting and I hope to give it a try in the coming months. I am not sure how it will perform in some of the low light situations but looking forward to finding out.

I want to start this Nikon coverage with the new Nikon D5. This camera is a beast, with a larger sensor than the D4s, more focus points, a new focusing engine, and duel XQD slots or Dual CF slots. The camera also records in 4K video. This camera looks great, but I will not be getting it. There is one reason why I don’t plan on upgrading now, I don’t need to update my cameras as the D4 and D750 are both still producing fantastic images. I don’t shoot a lot of video so having the ability to shoot 4K video is not a reason to buy a new camera. Now, the D500 is a really interesting camera as it has the specs closer to the D4 with the updated D5 focus specs. The only real drawback to the camera is the cropped sensor but for concerts and sports, that is not an issue. I really hope to get my hands on this camera to try it out when it becomes available.

There is also a new Speedlight that looks really interesting. It has the ability to be triggered using radio signals as well as the line of sight methods. More info on this after I do some research.

The technology is moving ahead at lightning speed. 2016 is going to be a very interesting year.

Much more to come…..