I have a new book out now. This is my first book with Rocky Nook and it is really cool. The book is part of the new Enthusiasts Guide series and covers Multi-Shot Techniques. The book has 49 different principals to make taking multi-shot photos easier. The book is divided into five chapters that cover Double Exposure, HDR, Panoramas, Image and Focus stacking, and Time-Lapse. 

This is a great book if you want to get started with these type of images or if you know a photographer that might want to start with something new. The book is available wherever books are sold (Amazon, Barnes and Noble) or you can get it straight from Rocky Nook. 


This book has a really cool, modern design with easy to read text and great photo quality. There are currently two other books in the series, The Enthusiast Guide to Composition and The Enthusiasts Guide to Portraiture and i am happy to say that I am working on a new Enthusiasts Guide to be released next year covering night and low light photography.

If you want more information on the whole series, there is a website: http://www.enthusiastsguides.com which has free downloads, examples, and links to the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.