Before I left for Vegas last week, I only had two things I knew I had to do:

1) Teach the Concert Photography pre con

2) Teach the Concert shooting class.

That left the rest of the time for me to take advantage of being part of Photoshop World and go to some of the classes.

On Thursday I attended the following classes:

Lightroom Basic Training with Matt Kloskowski

Great class and good refresher on basic Lightroom workflow. I have attended the full day Lightroom seminar and a lot of the info presented here wasn’t new, but since I plan on teaching Lightroom workflow here in San Diego, it really helps to see it done right.

Creative Lightroom with Katrin Eaismann

Today was all about Lightroom for me and this just seemed like a good way to keep that going.

I then took the time off instead of attending a third class that day. I need the time to go over my presentation for the next day. I spent that time in my hotel room refining the slides and presentation so that I wouldn’t run out of time during my class the next morning.


Nice Glass with Moose Peterson

It was great to be able to see Moose talk about his lens choices. His images are stunning and understanding why he uses the focal lengths he does was really interesting. Oh, yea.. his images are amazing.

Creative integration & Photoshop with Dave Cross

Dave is an amazing teacher and makes the most difficult concepts seem easy. The class was full of head slapping got it moments. I think that out of all the classes I sat in on, this one will help with the hard parts of my work.

Concert Photography from Capture to Client

Ok, so this is a class I had to take since it was the one I was teaching and it went really well. I enjoyed teaching and the feedback I got from the students was great.

I skipped the next class because I really needed to get something to eat since I had skipped breakfast.

Light, Gesture & Color with Jay Maisel

If you ever get a chance to take this class or hear Jay speak, just do it. It is an amazing class and you will never look at the FedEx logo the same way again.

One Light for Real People with Jack Reznicki

This class was a real eye opener. Taking members from the audience and using just one light, Jack created amazing portraits. Just the idea of using the backdrop at an angle was worth the whole class.

The Art of Digital Photography

Eye opening, stunning, amazing, inspiring, creative, breathtaking …. This is a great panel that everyone who wants to improve their photography should attend. The panel was a collection of who’s who in professional photography. Jim DiVitale, Vincent Versace, Joe Glyda, Jay Maisel, Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, and John Paul Caponigro all showed their latest work, AWESOME !!


Lightroom Instant Enhancing & Effects with Presets with Jack Davis

Lots of good information in this class and there was a little nugget of information that might just change my whole Lightroom workflow. Jack is a great teacher and even with a bad cold and a tight schedule, he still kept the room enthralled. Some great effects and ways to implement them.

Creative Print Layouts in Lightroom with Scott Kelby

Some great info here for those of us who print out of lightroom and it was a kick to see Scott use one of my images from the Concert Precon during his class. I am happy that he likes the image enough to share it with his classes.

Well, there you have it, my schedule from Photoshop World. I had a great time and if anyone out there is thinking of going to the Photoshop World conference I highly recommend it.