Camera shake occurs when the vibrations of the mirror moving out of the way so that the light can reach the sensor in all SLR cameras.  This can cause a slight blurring of the image.

How severe is the problem? Well until recently, no one knew. Now, Tani Electronics Corp and the Nishi Lab of the University of Electro-communications (UEC) have developed a tool to accurately measure camera shake. The results are not good.

The resolution of an SLR camera was substantially reduced to 1/4 or lower by the mirror shock (vibration generated when the mirror bounces up).

Next, it was confirmed that the vibration generated by releasing the shutter remains even when a picture is taken after a certain period of time from the mirror lockup to prevent a mirror shock.

Even when using a tripod, the results didn’t improve much and when using a light tripod, the results worsened.

Lets hope that with this breakthrough in technology the camera manufacturers can work on getting that camera shake minimized.

The full article is HERE.