It seems like forever since Adobe has updated Lightroom. Well yesterday they finally released the new Lightroom. It is either called Lightroom 6 if you buy the standalone product or Lightroom CC if you get it as part of the subscription plan. I am not going to get into the differences between the two plans here and now. I just wanted to talk about what I have seen using the new Lightroom for the last 24hours.


I used to get frustrated in how long things actually took in Lightroom. You see, I am running an older computer. It works great and I can;t justify buying a new one. So I am using an Apple 2011 MacBook Pro  and an external monitor. The stuff that used to take Lightroom 5 a ton time seems to get done in seconds. Just for fun I created a new catalog and imported all the images from 2015 and 2014 and it handled the catalog just fine. Right now it is adding the concert photos from previous years and the catalog is at 165,000 images and climbing. In the past this would cause things to move at a snail’s pace, but now.. it works great.


If you have been using Lightroom 5, then everything will look the same, just works faster. There are some new things that you can do with panoramic photos and HDR and I will get into that soon. But right now I am just going to go back to doing what I usually do in Lightroom…. just faster.

If you are a KelbyOne member, they have a ton of new classes on the new Lightroom. You can watch them here.