There are a lot of kids in Anaheim this morning that are probably falling asleep in class. Thats because Justin Bieber played at the Honda Center in Anaheim last night. While I was not there for the end of the show, so I have no idea what time the show ended, I do know Justin didn’t take the stage till 9pm.

As far as shooting this show, there were a few difficulties that need to be discussed. The first was that the stage was high and the photo pit was quite narrow, resulting in what i consider an awkward angle when shooting right in front. I tried to minimize this by shooting from the sides of the stage and this did work quite well.  The other thing to mention was the lighting and the solid white outfit worn by Bieber. The lights were bright and white with a hint of blue that i assume is from the LED cans. They looked like regular lighting cans but when I started to see how bright the images were on the cameras screen, I knew that there were LED lights in the mix. My biggest complaint about the lighting was that it never really changed. I mean I’m sure it did on the rest of the show but nothing during the first three songs…

All in all it was a good show, but please guys, enough with the pink wrist bands as photo passes.

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