There used to be a set of topics that you didn’t discuss for fear of losing friends. Religion and politics were the two biggest. No problem. I don’t really discuss my politics or religion with anyone and I don’t post about it here or on any of the social media outlets. It’s not that I don’t have opinions, it’s just that it doesn’t actually matter what I think since I know I won’t change your mind about either.

Now I have to add the iPhone vs Other phone to the list of things not to discuss. It seems that people take their (and others) choice in smart phones way too seriously. Take the hate mail and death threats that Ashley Esqueda received when she mentioned that she was planning on getting and iPhone5 as a second line.

From her post –

Last week, I ordered an iPhone 5 as a second line. And I was ridiculed, berated, called an “iWhore,” told they hoped for my DEATH or threatened me with bodily harm. Over a cell phone. ” (Full text here)

Are you kidding me? Death threats over what phone you use? Get a grip people.


This morning, Scott Kelby posted a pretty interesting article on Google+ about critics and consumers and how the iPhone might be criticized by the critics but is doing well for Apple. The comments quickly spiraled resulting in comments like this:

…ummm…what?  the iphone is junk.  just look at the specs!  Apple bragged about how now it has a dual core.  so what, Android phones have quad cores and have for some time.  Apple consistently releases outdated tech, stolen interfaces that they pass off as their inventions and then they sensationalize it like its the newest and best thing in the world.  the worst thing about it is that people like this guy keep spewing that word vomit.

I’ll say it again


The phone you choose does not make you smarter, funnier, sexier, more interesting, better looking, or better than anyone else. The phone you choose should suit your needs. That’s it, end of story.