Last night in San Diego I had the privilege of photographing Billy Idol in concert again. For the show last night I really focused on getting some images for an upcoming project that will remain secret for a while and spent the night mainly shooting Steve Stevens and Billy Morrison.

A copule of quick notes before getting to the images.

  • That place was PACKED. I have never seen a crowd quite like the one last night. It took me forever to get out of the photo pit and off the main floor of the venue. It was literally wall-to-wall people. Great for the band, not so good for getting room shots because there was no way to even lift a camera, never mind get a shot.
  • There were four photographers in the pit and two of them basically stood in front of Billy and fired away. Not very polite or friendly to the rest of us or the crowd.
  • Lights were all over the place. Two regualar follow spots and a ton of LED back lighting made exposures a guesstimate at best.
  • All images were shot on Nikon cameras and lenses and Hoodman CompactFlash cards.

Thanks guys….