I feel honored to be the guest blogger over at Scott kelby’s blog Photoshop Insider. Scott might have met me when he was doing some tutorials for the Lexar website, but I met Scott years before that.

It was back in March 2002, March 16th to be precise. I was at Photoshop Rocks, the 2002 West Coast Photoshop World held at the San Diego Convention Center.  I was excited that NAPP had brought Photoshop World to by hometown and jumped at the opportunity to attend the conference. I still have the workbooks on my office shelf with the notes I took during classes on Saturday March 16th:

  • Mastering Layers: instructor: Scott Kelby
  • Digital Cameras and Photoshop: instructor: Jim Patterson
  • Mastering Curves: instructor: Ben Willmore
  • Advanced Tips and Techniques: instructor Ben Willmore
  • Photo-retouching Secrets: instructor Scott Kelby
And the classes I took on the 17th:
  • Layer Blend Mode Magic: instructor Ben Willmore
  • Photoshop and the Creative process: instructor Julieanne Kost
  • Down & Dirty Tricks 2002: instructor Scott Kelby
  • Advanced Masking Techniques: instructor Ben Willmore
  • Selection Secrets: instructor Robb Kerr
So I guess that I “met” Scott back in 2002, but he didn’t meet me. Since that time I have not been able to make it back to Photoshop World due to scheduling problems and that it is no longer being held in San Diego. I have had the pleasure of attending other training sessions that Scott has taught here, and I recommend that anyone who gets the chance to go, goes.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Scott again for letting me be a guest blogger on his site. http://www.scottkelby.com/blog/