The president, board members and CEO have all resigned with the assets being controlled by Diablo Management – a liquidation company –  the company apparently faces two options: filing for bankruptcy, or being bought at a bargain basement rate. It looks like Digital Railroad is at the end of its life.

I received the following email from the National Press Photographers Association this morning.

Dear NPPA Members,
In the past, the NPPA had a partnership with Digital Railroad offering our members a service discount. In light of the current news on Digital Railroad we recommend that if you are a Digital Railroad customer, you take action immediately to protect your work. In researching what is available, your three best options are to:
A)   Personally back up all of your work stored at Digital Railroad

B)   Take advantage of the deal PhotoShelter is offering DRR customers to migrate their data:

C)   All of the above

For more information please see the Digital Railroad article the NPPA published, updated this morning, on NPPA.ORG:
Article link.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Jim Straight
Executive Director