Saturday is usually the busiest day at the Comic Con. This year really was no different, especially for me. I started the day late knowing that it was going to run late. I was set to shoot the red carpet arrivals at the Entertainment Weekly / SyFy party that was going tot start at 8pm. I was also going to lead a rugged band of photographers through the crazy that is the Downtown area during comic con as part of the Worldwide Photo Walk. I will have separate posts on both those events later, for now it’s still all comic con.

I spent some time in the Sails pavilion, watching folks getting books signed and meeting tv and movie actors. I even managed to capture Rick Riordan signing a copy of Percy Jackson for good friend of mine.

One thing I like to do is to look and photograph some of the busts and toys that are a big part of the convention. It’s tough with the thick glass on the cases but with some careful aiming of the flash I managed to capture a couple of shots I liked. It did seem to me that I had seen a lot of the stuff before and after a while I realized that I probably had the same shots from last year so I left the convention and went off to lead a great photo walk. (There was a Zombie walk going on at the same time. Who knew?)