Seeing your work printed is really cool, especially when the printsĀ are really big. I have some of my work hanging in my office at 20″x30″ and they look great. This week i got to see some of my images printed really big, 20′ x 11′ and displayed on the walls of the Valley View Casino Center. The venue is redoing all the images on display and as the house photographer, many of the new images going up are mine.


Right now there are nine new images up on the wall including Taylor Swift, Roger Waters, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Flea, The Black Keys, Geddy Lee, LED and Kelly Clarkson.

blackkeys flea RogerWaters

So here are a couple of the completed images installed on the walls. It was truly amazing to see them go up and I did take some behind the scenes photos and video that will be posted soon.

All the images were shot with either the Nikon D3, D700 or D4