Adobe announced the next generation of their software suite during the Adobe Max conference keynote. The first thing to know is that there is a name change. Photoshop CS will now be called Photoshop CC. The new name stands for Creative Cloud. This seems to be a real indiction of the future according to Adobe. Will there be a standalone version for purchase or will all products need to be a part of the Adobe Cloud? More on that when we get a clear picture from Adobe. And speaking of clear photos, lets look what is new in Adobe Photoshop CC.

The big features shown at the Keynote at MAX today are all things that have been seen in the last few weeks with the Lightroom5 public beta and the keynote at Photoshop World. There is a list of new features. This is the basic list from Adobe

  • Adobe Camera Raw 8 and ACR as a filter: Apply new effects to your images with ACR’s new Advanced Healing Brush, Radial Gradient and Upright tools. Adobe Camera Raw’s powerful tools can now be used as a filter, allowing you to use controls like Clarity, Noise reduction and Temperature on any layer at any time.
  • All-new Smart Sharpen: Photoshop CC analyzes image data to maximize clarity and minimize noise and halo. A range of new editable options lets you fine-tune images to get richer textures, crisper edges and more distinct details.
  • Camera Shake Reduction: Save shots you thought were lost due to camera motion. Whether your blur was caused by slow shutter speed or a long focal length, Camera Shake Reduction analyzes the trajectory of the camera shake and helps restore sharpness
  • Intelligent Upsampling: Preserve detail and sharpness while enlarging images for different print sizes. The new upsampling tool retains edge detail and reduces the noise and artifacts normally associated with enlarging images
  • Editable Rounded Rectangles: Creating shapes has never been so flexible. The ability to resize and re-edit shapes after they’ve been created is one of the most-requested features added to Photoshop CC. Web designers will also be able to export CSS data from files to use later.
  • Multi-shape and path selection: Easily grab multiple paths, shapes and vector masks instead of having to sort each one individually.
  • Conditional Actions: Use if/then statements to set up rules allowing processing jobs to make automatic decisions.
  • Expanded Smart Object support: Effects from the Blur Gallery or liquify palette can now be tacked on to Smart Object while keeping the original available just in case.
  • Improved 3D painting: Live previews have been sped up 100x to react quickly to the painting action.

it also looks as if there will be only one version of Photoshop, no more basic and extended versions. This also seems to be a sign of no more separate purchasable versions. Pricing and other details soon…


According to techcrunch, Adobe is only going to be selling the Photoshop CC as part of the creative cloud and no longer will sell the application. Here is the article: Adobe Goes All-In With Subscription-Based Creative Cloud, Plans To Stop Selling Regular CS Licenses & Shrink-Wrapped Boxes 

The key part is this:

As Adobe announced at its Max conference in Los Angeles today, it’s about to stop selling shrink-wrapped versions and perpetual licenses of its Creative Suite.Adobe introduced Creative Cloud, its subscription service for getting all of its tools for designers, photographers, videographers, web developers and audio professionals, just over a year ago. Going forward, Scott Morris, the head of Adobe’s Creative cloud and creative suite team told me last week, this will be the only way to get access to its tools. The company will continue to sell CS6 for the time being, but it’s not clear for how long.