Years ago I was working with a musician friend of mine on images for his album, the problem was that he was in Los Angeles at the time, and I was in San Diego. This meant that we were emailing the image proofs back and forth and it became really clear to me that he wasn’t looking at the same image I was. The problem was clear, our monitors and software were producing very different images. I was looking at the images using Photoshop on a color corrected monitor, while Mark was viewing the images on a laptop using the built in Preview software by Apple.  The problem is worse for web browsers, where there is no consistent way that web browsers deal with color profiles. At this point, there is no color profile support in IE.

Now it seems that there is a good solution to this problem, Adobe Flash. According to a recent Blog entry by John Nack:

Presenting your images through Flash is now the best way to preserve the fidelity of their color online.

Adobe Photoshop Software uses CMS (Color Management System) to adjust the colors so that they are displayed on your screen correctly. 

The latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Flash Player 10 can use Color Management to draw colors to screen. The only hitch is that it needs to be enable when the SWF or FLV is created. How do you do this?

You just need to put a small snippet of ActionScript 3 code in the Flash file.

  1. Chose or create an ActionScript 3 Flash file.
  2. Open the Actions window (Window/Actions).
  3. Type “stage.colorCorrection = ColorCorrection.ON;” in the Script window.
  4. Save the file.

You’re all set.

For the complete Blog entry go here : John Nacks Blog