It seems that these days I get most of my information from John Nack, well here is some more great news, Adobe Configurator is available now. You can download it now at Adobe Labs

Configurator lets you create your own panels in Photoshop. It is very, very cool.

Just download Configurator and install the application.

After the program has been installed and launched you will get the following screen.

The next step is to just drag and drop items items into your new panel.

I created this panel with a couple of tools that i use all the time when doing prep work for comic book production. I doubt I will use this panel, it was just to see how easy it is to do. After I saved the panel I exported it Photoshop CS4 Plug-In Panels directory and when I launched Photoshop CS4, there it was.

And when I opened the new panel, it had my tools ready to go.

This technology is going to seriously change the way I use Photoshop. Being able to make custom panels, and even better to be able to share the panels will help customize Photoshop in a way that was unheard of before.